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Bags & Backpacks

Bags & Backpacks Green series
CNF-NB01 15.6" notebook bag
CNF-NB03 12" notebook backpack
CNF-NB04 15.6" notebook backpack


Mice Green series
CNF-MSO01 Optical mouse for USB
CNF-MSOW01 Wireless optical mouse for USB
CNF-MSO02 Optical mouse for USB


Webcams Green series
CNF-WCAM01B 1.3 Megapixel (enhanced) web camera
CNF-WCAM01BHD 720p HD (enhanced) web camera
CNF-WCAM02BHD 720p HD (enhanced) web camera

Headphones & Headsets

Headphones & Headsets Green series
CNF-HP01 Stereo headphones
CNF-HP02 Stereo headphones
CNF-HS01 Stereo headset
CNF-HS02 Stereo headset


Keyboards Green series
CNF-KEYB01B Ultra-thin USB keyboard

Notebook stands

Notebook stands Green series
CNF-NS01 Notebook stand with cooler
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